Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reflections of Ivy League Project

This year the Ivy League Project sent us a number of applicants for admission. The students whom the project sponsored were Mexican-American from communities that rarely have sent applications to Yale. It is not only an established mission of our admissions process to attempt to attract applicants who are traditionally under-represented in the Yale community, but it is also a joy to find such motivated and qualified applicants inspired by a program such as the one created by Martin Mares. This year three Ivy League Students were accepted to Yale. The program serves a tremendously valuable function for us: preparing students for the rigors of both our application process and our academic community. Without a program such as this one, I imagine fewer such students would have the opportunity to study at Yale. I hope the Ivy League Project continues to receive support from the communities it serves and from all who take an active interest in seeing students from disadvantaged backgrounds given the opportunities they deserve.

Peter J. Smith

Former Assistant Director of Admission

Yale University

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