Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 5: Brown-Wesleyan-Yale

Day 5 started with us picking up students that spent the night at Brown. An early wake up call is tough enough, let alone 5:30! Still the students and entire group was in good spirits.

Martin Mares and Brown PMLE student Ignacio Santana

We were first hand witnesses of the flooding in Rhode Island.

Even the National Guard was out.

Counselors Cleo Carasco and Sandra "Janet Jackson" Santos

Admission session at Wesleyan University

After a long drive we arrived at Yale University

Adam Torres lead an admission session and the students loved the "That Why I Choose Yale" video

Egineering student Steven lead our tour of Yale.

Victor J. "The Champ" Contreras at Yale

Yale's Old Dewey Decimal Classification System

Inside Yale's Sterling Library

A very nice and kind Yale student

Yale Student Q&A @ La Casa

A gift from Yale students.

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